Rainy Days

Chapter One: The Storm

A nasty storm blew all through Seattle. Rain poured, making travel ill-advised. Various “slightly-magical” folk sat about in Jack’s Magic Bean Coffee Shop, nursing their espressos. Jack himself was frantic as usual, never taking a moment to rest in his experimentations.
The resounding echo of a knock rung through the café. All became silent.
Again, it echoed.
The third time, the door burst down.
From the airborne ocean stepped three fishmen, each a disturbing sight. The largest wore armor made of steel scales. Jack rushed his patrons out the door, but four stayed.
The first was a luchador, the strongest there has ever been. He tossed a table at the metal fish and grappled.
The second was barely more than child, yet he handled his pistol like a veteran of war.
The third was rockstar, wielding the Ax of Jimmy Hendrix.
The fourth was an occultist, following the path Odin had set for him.
They dispatched the fishmen with no trouble and proceeded to charge into the storm. There was chaos, a war against the fishmen outside. Screams and invocations could be heard for miles. Yet come dawn few mortals would remember.
More and more fishmen matched the four heroes. There came a time though, when they were exhausted and outmatched. A steel spiked fishman larger than any other stood ready to cut them down.
Then a miracle, divine or otherwise, occurred. A torrent of winds knocked away the fishmen, big and small, as a strange man descended from the sky.
He named himself Zeitgeist, and offered the four a job.
They accepted.
The four were to dislocate a monopoly owned by Jonathan and Ryan, two extraordinary entrepreneurs. And so they did, with the aid of an odd fellow named Charles and a Greek cab driver named Alex. It was an unusual encounter, to say the least. They left after a hurried and near-botched assassination, their cover a swarm of fishmen interrupting an unusual musical duel.
Though the task was accomplished, their overseer was none too happy about the methods…


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