Anton Reich

Arcane Head Hunter


no more then 16 years old, Anton stands at 5’8" with short dark hair and green eyes. his eyes convey not a look of apathy or childlike wonder expected in boys his age, but a look of worldly wisdom. eyes that have seen many things. Underneath his hoodie is a shoulder holster with a silenced Beretta 9mm handgun. And a steel switchblade hidden up his sleeve, hands against creatures from the fae.


Born to the infamous Adolf “steel eyes” Reich, Anton had a lethal assassin for a father and mentor. Destined to take on the Reich mantel, Anton trained from the age of 5 with his father. After 10 years of training and field experience serving as a get away driver and overall assistant to his father, Anton preformed his first solo contract by killing Uosa, a fair ally to the winter lady. He recently moved to Seattle in order to take a job as a bodyguard to a white court virgin traveling as a rock star.

Anton Reich

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